5 Surprising reasons that you are frustrated

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We have all been frustrated.

When the traffic is really bad.

When a friend says that she would call at 4pm and by 8pm she hasn’t called.

Being frustrated is uncomfortable. It makes us do something quickly to diffuse it. That’s why there is road rage. That’s why we snap at our friends and family.

Long-term frustration can wreak havoc on our relationships, our jobs, and our health. It can lead to migraines, high-blood pressure, and other issues.

Knowing what might make you frustrated ahead of time can help you laugh at your predictable reaction, and thus diffuse the intensity of the frustration.

Here are some surprising reasons that you might get frustrated.

  1. Taking Medication
    If you are taking loads of vitamins or medicine, your body might be dealing with a lot of toxins. That overloads your liver and causes frustration.
  2. Staying up late
    If you stay up after 11:30pm or, worse yet, after midnight, you are not giving your gallbladder and liver chances to recuperate.
  3. Consuming Oily Food
    Fried & high fat foods also cause your liver to work overtime. Any time your liver is overworked, you are more prone to frustration.
  4. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time
    When you underestimate the amount of time or resources needed to get things done, you may also get frustrated.
    This happened when I upgraded my computer earlier in January. I had planned to do it in one afternoon. Instead, it took me a couple of weeks to complete the transition. Boy was I frustrated!
  5. Entering Spring
    Believe it or not, the spring season also makes us more susceptible to frustration. Good thing that summer is right around the corner.

One simple way to deal with frustration is to make the sound ‘shhh’. It’s a simple way to quiet the internal voice that’s unhappy. It’s not to shut anyone else up.

A client of mind has successfully used it to calm his road rage. Driving became much easier for him.

What’s contributing to your frustration? Leave me a comment below or share with me on Facebook.

Dr. Dan Zhou5 Surprising reasons that you are frustrated

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