9 Steps to Amazing Results for 2017


Happy Holidays everyone!

For the past few years, I have set aside one day in late December with candlelight to envision my goals for the next year. It’s been a yearly ritual that has jump-started many amazing things in my life.

With the New Year right around the corner, we’re given another chance ENERGETICALLY to get even more amazing at living. There is an opening in our collective psyche that makes positive changes much more attainable.

Over the years, I have refined the process, and came up with what I call “Breakthrough to Amazing Results” with 9 steps. By following the process, you’ll lay the groundwork to create something extraordinary for you in 2017. Bring out a pen and paper, and come along for the ride…

  1. Set up a Sacred Space
    Spaces for rituals are important as they create a container for magic to happen. If you want and if it’s possible, light a candle. You can also ring a bell. Play some soft background music.
  2. Get Relaxed and Centered
    With Energy Exercise “Cradle Yourself”:

    • Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder.
    • Take a deep breath in, and breathe out slowly.
    • Take another deep breath in, breathing out slowly while placing your hands over your heart.
    • Close your eyes and affirm: “I’ll have an amazing, productive session for the next 30 minutes.”
    • Bring a smile to your lips.
    • Now, open your eyes.
  3. List Your Past Accomplishments:
    Make a list of your major achievements this past year, including things and events that made you happy. Include your good health, if that applies.
  4. Celebrate Yourself
    Sit quietly. Allow that sense of accomplishment to swell up and sink into your psyche. Now, tap on your 3rd eye, which is located between your eyebrows. Also make plans to physically celebrate, such as take a day trip to a park, or have dinner with friends.
  5. List Your Past Challenges
    Make a list of all the things you want to let go of, like challenges and obstacles that you’ve had in the past year (including events and emotions like: Bad knee. Incident in the gym, the car accident. Frustration. Sadness.)
    You can focus on one area, or alternatively, you can go through these areas:
    Health, including exercise and diet
    Family and friends
    Habits like smoking or spending
    Social engagements
    When you are done, you can burn the list and bury the ashes in your yard or at a park.
  6. Release the Past:
    With Energy Exercise – “Expelling the Venom”:

    • Sit up straight. Take a deep breath in. Breathe out slowly.
    • Make fists with both hands, with your palms facing up. In your fists, hold all your external and internal challenges, and your reactions to them from this past year.
    • Take another deep breath in slowly. Swing both arms up and out, with your fists facing the front.
    • Exhale, opening your fists and forcefully pushing them downward in front of you while making the ‘shhh’ sound. You are releasing all that you don’t want to keep for the New Year.
    • Repeat three more times.
    • When coming down the last time, allow your arms to come down slowly and deliberately.

    Now, tap on the top of your head: “I willing and easily release all blocks to a healthy, happy, and abundant life.”

  7. Affirm Your Vision
    Make a list of affirmations.
    Place your hands over your chest and recite each one 3 times. Here is a sample list:
    “I am healthy, wealthy, and happy.”
    “I have plenty of time to get everything done.”
    “I have plenty of energy to get through the day.”
  8. Set Your Goals
    Make a list of your goals. Be specific. That’s what triggers your psyche or subconscious mind to muster all your resources to help you succeed.
    “Lose 30 pounds by May 31.”
    “Exercise 3 times a day by February 1.”
    “Reduce smoking to 1 cigarette a day by March 31.”
  9. Welcome the Future
    Now, place your thumbs at the outer corners of your eyes, with your fingers over the hairline and hold.
    Affirm: “I easily accomplish all my goals. The universe comes together to support me!”

Armed with the solid foundation that you created with this process, you are now ready to go live with intention. Keep an eye on your goals. Go for a vibrant body, radiant health, and a fulfilled life.

Share with me below on what YOU will do to have amazing results for 2017!

Dr. Dan Zhou9 Steps to Amazing Results for 2017


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  • Betty Geib - December 27, 2016 reply

    Hey Dan, Thank You for the straightforward directions on how to consciously bundle up and deliberately get rid of old challenges and obstacle to my moving forward and bringing into focus the energies and areas I want to empower and manifest in my life for the coming year.

    Dan Zhou, Ph.D. - December 27, 2016 reply

    It’s awesome to have a process to follow, right? I can’t wait to see what you’ll manifest in 2017!

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