A natural way to better your sleep & immune system

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Do you want to sleep better?
Do you want a simple way to boost your immune system?
Do you know sunlight’s role in these?

Most of us are aware that sunlight helps the body create Vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption in the gut and supports bone health.

But do you know other ways that sunlight makes your body healthy and strong? It blew my mind when I researched the topic.

Firstly, exposure to sunlight helps to set up a proper daily rhythm for body’s two major hormones, cortisol and melatonin. Hormones are control signals that instruct the body’s organs to function in certain ways. Both of these hormones play a role in better sleep.

Secondly, exposure to sunlight also helps our body to produce Vitamin D, which plays a key role in our immune health.

Here’s a closer look at these hormones & Vitamin D.

  1. Melatonin
    • Melatonin, a 3-billion old molecule secreted by the tiny pineal gland, is known for its ability usher in sleep.
    • In addition, researchers have discovered that it’s your body’s best antioxidant. They also discovered its supra ability to boost immune system & treat cancer in lab animals.
    • Melatonin secretion goes through a 24-hour cycle. It’s highest at night and lowest during the daytime.
    • When you exposure sufficiently to sunlight, your body secrets a healthy amount melatonin at the right time.
  2. Cortisol
    • Our sense of being alive is fueled by hormone cortisol. It enables you to jump off the bed in the morning. It provides you with energy to go from task to task during the day.
    • Cortisol also goes through a 24-hour cycle. It rises around midnight and falls around the midday. It peaks in the morning to give you that boost to start your day on the right note.
    • Cortisol is also a stress hormone. Stress from daily life can cause cortisol to deviate from a healthy 24-hour rhythm. It can be low when it should be high and vice versa.
    • Exposure to sunlight in the morning, helps to trigger cortisol secretion, the right amount at the right time. Getting it in line with body’s natural circadian rhythm allows you to sleep better at night.
  3. Vitamin D
    • According to research papers from National Institute of Health and Harvard University, Vitamin D helps your body to boost immune function, reduces inflammation and fight infection.Studies found that Vitamin D reduces the onset of flu by about 40%. It may also prevent people from getting flu.
    • A recent study found out that there is correlation of Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 infection.

BTW, sunlight exposure through windows in your car, home or office is far less effective than being exposed to sunlight directly. So go outside & soak in the sun, especially between 6am and 8:30am. Do it while protecting the safety of your skin.

Even though it’s not certain that sunlight can prevent you from getting flu or COVID-19, it for sure can boost your immune system & improve the quality of your sleep.

Let me know what else you’re doing to sleep better & strengthen your immune system. Leave me a comment below.

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Dr. Dan ZhouA natural way to better your sleep & immune system

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  • Bradley Samore - May 8, 2020 reply

    Great article. These are helpful reminders I needed to hear.

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