How to meditate in turbulent times

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A turbulent/stressful time calls for non-conventional ways to calm the mind.

One method that I’ve used successfully with combat veterans and people with severe PTSD is body-awareness meditation.

It allows you to ground in your physical body yet not identifying with the body.

It guides you to becoming aware of bodily sensations yet you don’t get bogged down by any tense or aching spots.

It allows your mind to relax naturally by strengthening your connection to the earth, the earth element that’s in and around you.

Here’s a recording of my body-awareness meditation from Day 1 of my “9-day de-stress challenge”.

Let me know how you like it by leaving me a comment below.

By the way, for other alternative ways to do seated meditation check out my blog post in June 2020 ‘When not to meditate”.

Dr. Dan ZhouHow to meditate in turbulent times

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