How to prevent eyestrain in 3 minutes


We’re spending a lot more time on our phones and computers than ever before.

That’s taxing for our eyes. What’s worse, the health of our eyes contribute to the health of our hormones and our entire body.

I’m sharing with you 3 energy exercises to prevent eyestrain.

How you like them? Leave me a comment below.

Dr. Dan ZhouHow to prevent eyestrain in 3 minutes


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  • Rajani - October 8, 2020 reply

    Thankyou Dr.Dan Zhou. Why do we yawn while doing energy exercises. Is it a good sign? Please clarify.

    Dr. Dan Zhou - October 15, 2020 reply

    Rajani, thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Yawning is one response people have when energy shifts. There are many different ways that people respond to energy shifting. Some people shiver. Some people burp. Yawning is the most common response that I’ve seen in healers. 🙂

  • prad - October 13, 2020 reply

    eye exercises great will try but please give link to your face bk that u said . my e amail is

    Dr. Dan Zhou - October 14, 2020 reply

    Thank you for visiting Prad! I’ll contact you separately.

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