How to relieve neck tension with acupressure

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A popular way to relieve neck tension is to massage the 7th point on the Lung meridian, Lie Que (列缺), commonly know as LU-7.

LU-7 is one of the four Command Points in acupressure/acupuncture. It influences the neck and throat area.

Here are a few benefits from massaging this point:

  • Reducing neck tension
  • Relieving sore throat
  • Soothing cough and asthma.

Let me know what you find by leaving me a comment below.

General guide for acupressure:

  • Use firm pressure when you massage a point, unless it’s too painful. If it is, then use lighter pressure.
  • If the point is painful to massage, it means that there is energy congestion and it’s in need of massage.
  • If it’s not painful, you’ll want to dig around. You may find a spot that’s tender.
Dr. Dan ZhouHow to relieve neck tension with acupressure

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