How to sooth abdominal discomfort with acupressure


The most popular way to sooth any abdominal discomfort is to massage the 36th point on the Stomach meridian, Zu San Li (足三里), commonly know as ST-36.

ST-36 is one of the most well known points in acupuncture treatment. It is known as the #1 longevity point. It is also one of the four Command Points for the body. It influences the abdomen. As such, it is beneficial for your stomach and intestines.

Here are a few more benefits from massaging this point:

  • Enhance your immune system.
  • Strengthen your digestive track.
  • Boost your energy.

General guide for acupressure:

  • Use firm pressure when you massage a point, unless it’s too painful. If it is, then use lighter pressure.
  • If the point is painful to massage, it means that there is energy congestion and it’s in need of massage.
  • If it’s not painful, you’ll want to dig around. You may find a spot that’s tender.

Let me know what you find by leaving me a comment below.

Dr. Dan ZhouHow to sooth abdominal discomfort with acupressure


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  • Krista - November 4, 2020 reply

    Your kitty looks just like mine, except maybe a bit larger. Mine. Victoria, wants a 5–10 minute kitty massage about five times per day: head and neck, chest and belly. She fades into a trance with a belly massage. Or just lying along my leg, on a couch pillow, or lying in bed at night, with my hand just quiet against her belly, following a little massage. I think this point relieves discomfort of the soul: am I still loved?

    Dr. Dan Zhou - November 10, 2020 reply

    Hello Krista, Thank you for sharing this lovely kitty scene! I look forward to hearing more from you. 🙂

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