Is Your Heart Acting Up This Season?

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A client of mine has had a racing heart lately. She hasn’t been able to sleep much because of it.

A few friends of mine have also had heart-related discomfort. Have you felt it in your heart?

According to Chinese medicine, that’s normal for the spring season. You’ve probably heard that Spring is a great time to detox, because it’s the season for wood and for growth in the wilderness.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver and gallbladder belong to the wood element. As such, they tend to be more active in the spring. Hyperactivity of the gallbladder can rob the heart meridian of energy.

When that happens, the proper function of the heart can be compromised too.

The reason that the gallbladder meridian can rob the heart meridian of energy is because of its proximity to the other.

Picture this: All of the meridians sit on a wheel, and the gallbladder and heart meridians sit right across from each other. Because of that, the heart meridian is the first place the gallbladder meridian goes when it needs some extra energy.

So, helping your gallbladder meridian stay balanced goes a long way to help your heart meridian, and the organ itself.

Here’s an exercise that can help your gallbladder meridian:

Place your thumbs on the outside corner of your eyes. Place the rest of your fingers over your forehead one inch apart.

Now, relax your shoulders. Relax your elbows. Relax your fingers.

If you are sitting in front of a desk, you can lean forward and place your elbows on the desk in front of you. Hold that position for two minutes – or longer – as long as is comfortable for you.

Do this exercise once or twice a day if you are prone to heart issues, challenges with your gallbladder, or simply frustration. Add this to your self-care routine. Mark it on your calendar so you’ll actually do it.

Let me know how this exercise helps you. Leave me a comment below.

Dan Zhou, Ph.D.Is Your Heart Acting Up This Season?

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