One proven exercise for this time of uncertainty

It’s been a few weeks now since we’ve been practicing social distancing.  That is, your normal routine has been interrupted for a few weeks now.
A routine is something that centers you.  It’s familiar.  It’s what gives you comfort.
Without a routine, you have nothings to ground you.  More than the scare of the COVID-19, it contributes to that sense of being anxious and nervous.  Especially when it affects your ability to engage in physical activities, that feeling of being anxious can really undermine your immune system.
It’s a time of uncertainty for sure.
I’ve been dealing with this very issue myself, having made a decision to be contained in my house.
Fortunately I have re-discovered one proven, simple activity that can anchors you in this time of uncertainty.  It gives you a way to move physically in a small space. It calms nervous system, loosens up joints, and boosts your immune system.
It is the ancient Qi Gong practice for health, the Eight Standing Movements, a Qi Gong practice with over a thousand year history.
I’ve made a video of this 10-minute, ancient Qi Gong practice for Health.
Add this to your routine if you have established one already.  Or create one if you have been struggling with it.  Do it daily, early morning is great.  So is late in the evening before you go to sleep.
Take good care of your precious self & be safe. Leave me a comment below on how this works out for you.
Dr. Dan ZhouOne proven exercise for this time of uncertainty


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  • Bradley Samore - April 11, 2020 reply

    Thanks for posting helpful exercises!!

    Dr. Dan Zhou - April 19, 2020 reply

    You’re welcome Bradley. Hope you’re doing well. Be safe out there!

  • Thora Ambrose - April 12, 2020 reply

    Hello Dr. Dan, I am a Chi Kung student with Gary Tong for long time so it is very easy to follow your short session . I really enjoyed your short Chi Kung exercise and will use it from now on with my daily routine . Thank you and will be in touch with you. Thora

    Dr. Dan Zhou - April 19, 2020 reply

    You’re quite welcome Thora! Glad that you enjoyed the exercise & that it’ll be a part of your daily routine!

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