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Radiant Health and Wellbeing is created by Dan Zhou, Ph.D.  It helps people who struggle with pain, fatigue, and insomnia.  Often times when people experience these problems, they have gone to the doctors & are told that nothing’s wrong with them.  Others have had a major illness & received traditional western medicine treatments.  And they’re left with pain, fatigue and insomnia as the aftermath of those treatments.

Dan has developed a step-by-step system to help her clients to reduce pain, relieve stress, regain energy, and to sleep more soundly.  As a result of working with Dan, her clients have been able to get their lives together, like go for a walk, get back onto the golf course, and get back to working.  One client was super-excited because she was able to wash her dog after not being able to do so for a couple of years.

About Dan Zhou, Ph.D.

Dan has studied mindfulness training, meditation, Taichi & shamanism, and energy healing.  With energy healing, she has studied Eden Energy Medicine which is based on Chinese Medicine, Matrix re-imprinting, Meridians-based tapping, Five Elements-based healing.  She also uses guided meditation, guided visualization, sound and color healing in her work.

Before taking on healing as a profession, she worked as an engineering professor & software project manager.  Because of that diverse background, she’s able to integrate the systematic approach to problem solving from engineering field with intuition in healing.  She guides her clients through a process to healing that’s pragmatic & result-oriented.

Services provided

Dan helps people with pain, fatigue, and insomnia to manage the stress of living with these symptoms and to have less pain, more energy, and sleep better.

She offers both in-person healing sessions and remote/phone sessions.

She also teaches workshops on healing & Taichi classes.

What her clients are saying

  • “I had a problem with low energy following cancer surgery in 2013 and had to take a nap around 5 pm every afternoon. I went to Dan for 6 sessions. After the last one my energy level was back to normal and has remained normal.

    “The cancer surgery also left me with fragmented sleep, waking up at night to urinate too often. Dan treated me for that in 2016 and as a result I sleep much better, waking up less often.” — Bernard A, attorney (retired)

  • “I was injured January 2010 and after a few surgeries, the structure (vertebrae) encasing my spinal cord was stabilized. Unfortunately, it was 2 years after the accident and having my spinal cord crushed at 7 levels (C2-T1), it had already begun to paralyze me.

    Dan helped me regain my strength, balance and breath. Somehow, that statement lacks the importance it deserves… She helped me piece back together a new shot at life.

    “Dan’s teachings are wonderful and her skill is immense, but her heart is the treasure.” — N.M.

  • “Dan managed to turn me from being skeptical to a firm believer in a very short period.

    “I came to her feeling very anxious and depleted, and left feeling so much stronger and healthier, just amazing.

    “Thank you for all your help and TLC in getting me back on my feet, I really appreciate it.” — P.S.

  • “Following hip replacement surgery I suffered from chronic muscle pain. My wife suggested that Dan might be able to help. Over several months Dan helped to reduce my pain level from 3 to 4 down to less than level 1. Sometimes when I stood up from the massage table there was no pain at all.” — B.A.

  • “I’ve been struggling with low energy and low self-esteem due to Lyme Disease and past negative behavioral patterns. I’ve done many modalities and protocols but nothing was helping me break through to gain my life back and be truly happy.

    “Working with Dan has helped me awaken in myself the healer that I never knew I had and gain the confidence and energy to propel my life with more energy, abundance and joy. After working with her for a few months I’ve seen my life transform in ways that I never imagined. I am deeply grateful for her help and compassionate spirit to serve.

    I’ve reduced my debt by half in the process. I was able to start an online business with my father, which is something important to me. I’ve also been able to attract more clients for my healing business.” — Alejandro B.

  • “I was introduced to Dr Dan during a time of crisis in my life: I had just been laid off and was devastated. Going from being 110% occupied to suddenly sitting at home made me feel useless, hopeless and utterly confused about how to move on with my life. Dr Dan helped me to pick up the pieces and guided me step by step from a very dark place back to a position of strength. As a result, I managed to plan a clear strategy for my job hunt and was able to land a fantastic job that will make a great new step in my career path.

    “On a deeper level, Dr Dan opened my eyes to the world and I realize that these few months have only been the first steps on a personal journey that will take the rest of my life. As a scientist I have always been very career / technology focused at the expense of my personal life. Now I can see the wealth of opportunities that are available to me beyond that which I would like to experience. I think Dr Dan was able to teach me this because she has a very multi-disciplinary background – she would talk to me on a business / scientific level and at the same time she would push me to step outside of my comfort zone and try out various healing practices. I respect Dr Dan very much, and think she is a tremendous teacher and healer.” — Kuni C.

  • “I was recovering from substance addiction when the universe put my new friend Dan Zhou on my path. I was a weekly client of Dan’s for over 4 months, to where I was able to witness the extent of her healing. I was able to work through multiple emotional traumas and recover my long lost zest for life.

    “I will never forget the moment when I told her that I can’t seem to emotionally process a traumatic experience because I felt so detached. Dan proceeded to do a few minutes of her energy healing work and I immediately started to cry.

    “I am very grateful for my recovery and Dan was a huge part of it.” — Lindsay K.

  • “Dan came at a time in my life where I was feeling a loss of purpose and fulfillment. My confidence was weak and also was afraid of being vulnerable. I was afraid that people wouldn’t listen to what I have to say or me believing that what I have to say was of no value.

    “Through working with her, I now realize that people are open to what I have to say. Instead of speaking with trepidation, I am able to simply speak and share my message.” — N.T.

* EFT refers to Emotional Freedom Technique, a branch of Energy Psychology, commonly known as Tapping.

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