How to Stay Away from Anxiousness This Summer


Did you know that the heat in summer could cause more anxiousness than normal?

Too much heat entering the body can make you more irritable and less energetic. Worse yet, it makes you more susceptible to lightheadedness and a rapid pulse. That can make you anxious.

According to Chinese Medicine, there are five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Summer is the season for fire. Water controls fire.

To prevent fire from getting out of control, we can either strengthen the water element in our bodies or prevent heat from entering our bodies.

Here are some tips to avoid anxiousness this summer:

  1. Drink high-quality water.
    This will help strengthen the water element in your body. I love adding a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to my water, so that my body can replenish its minerals.
  2. Choose what colors you wear carefully.
    If you have an issue with your heart, do NOT wear red. Light blue, which shares the vibration of water, helps dampen fire and heat.
  3. Massage key acupressure points on your body.
    The body has specific spots, which are called wind gates, that are more open to environmental influences. They are like screen doors that keep the mosquitoes out and allow the breeze in.Here are several ways to help your body’s screen doors keep the heat out:

    • Massage your shouldersPlace your hands on your opposite shoulder, and give yourself a nice shoulder rub. Better yet, swap a shoulder rub with a friend.There are big wind gates on the tops of our shoulders. When our shoulders are tense, these points are mostly responsible for the problem.
    • Massage the top of your headWith one palm, make counter-clockwise circles on your crown for a couple of minutes. End with a few clockwise circles.The acupressure point Bai Hui sits on the top of your crown. It’s a big wind gate. It’s also the meeting point of all the yang meridians in your body. Keeping it healthy will go a long way to help you stay centered and grounded.
    • Massage your temples
      Cup your ears by placing your finger pads on your temples, and your thumbs on the bones behind your ears. Massage your temples. You can also massage on the tip off the bones behind the bottom of your ears.This’ll dampen the fire in your body. It’s a soothing exercise. You’ll love it.

I recommend you spend a few minutes every day doing these exercises, especially if you are prone to anxiousness or have a known heart condition.

Let me know which one makes you feel the best by leaving me a comment below. That’s the one you need the most.

Enjoy your summer!

Dr. Dan ZhouHow to Stay Away from Anxiousness This Summer


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  • Ismael Rosario - July 16, 2018 reply

    good morning Dan, thank you for your advised, I will be doing the head and temple.
    again thanks

    Dr. Dan Zhou - July 17, 2018 reply

    Hi Ismael! Glad that you like that one. It’s my favorite from the list too. It would be nice if you can do it everyday.

    Can you let me know how you feel after doing it consistently for a couple of weeks?

  • Jocelyn - July 16, 2018 reply

    Thank you for this, I appreciate it. Be doing it for sure and I’ll let you know.

    Dr. Dan Zhou - July 17, 2018 reply

    Jocelyn! Hi, so glad that you came by! What’s your favorite?

  • Marion - July 22, 2018 reply

    Anxious to try these. Thanks

    Dr. Dan Zhou - July 24, 2018 reply

    Hi Marion! So glad that you stopped by.

    The summer is getting really hot now. We’ll need all the help we can to stay cool both physically and mentally.

    Have you tried them? Which one do you like the most?

    Wish you the best!


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