Stress-Free Holiday

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Your tips for a stress free holiday.
Three more weeks, we’ll be in 2017.

The days are shorter, but the lines everywhere are longer.

You have more to do but don’t seem to have enough time.

On top of that, unresolved family issues may surface during the holiday season. You are rushed, stressed, and tired. You may even feel depressed and lonely during this time.

I’m here to offer you a few energy exercises to counter the holiday blues so you can move through the holiday with Ease & Calmness.

When you’re done, comment below and tell me your thoughts on enjoying a stress free holiday. How will you make your holiday an enjoyable one?

Dr. Dan ZhouStress-Free Holiday

1 comment

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  • Terri Ann Heiman - December 17, 2016 reply

    Love these suggestions! I especially love the rocking! Thanks Dan! ❤️️

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