What Do Fatigue, Poor Sleep, and Irritability have in Common?

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Spring is a wonderful season for the garden. Everything grows abundantly in the field. However, for some of us, this season can bring unexplained fatigue, poor sleep, and extra irritability.

According to Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of the wood element. The other elements are water, fire, earth, and metal.

As the season of wood, this is the season where our liver and gallbladder get an extra boost of energy. And that extra energy can be an issue for some people.

I recently came across this article about how to love your liver. It had the clearest language I’ve seen for an average reader. It clearly stated what would lead to stagnant liver energy, and showed you how to identify if your liver energy might be congested.

I encourage you to read this short article today. Not only will you gain the ability to detect if your liver is under stress, but also identify how your lifestyle might be overloading your liver. This article explained several ways to help your liver.

My favorite suggestion on the list is also the easiest one to implement: #3, a liver channel slap. You can lightly fist your hands and slap the inside of your thighs and calves.

Of course, just because you have this resource doesn’t mean you’ll add this into your daily routine. Only when you use the information will it become useful to you. So, go ahead and try it now for a couple of minutes on each leg. Make it a habit to do this daily for the next two months. That’ll go a long way to improve your liver health, and your overall health.

You can read the full article here.

Dan Zhou, Ph.D.What Do Fatigue, Poor Sleep, and Irritability have in Common?

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