What’s Missing in Your Self-Care Routine?

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Years ago, I had a friend who was married to a rich guy & drove a Mercedes Benz.

One time, at a party, she told us that her husband had bought her a Jaguar when they got married. She had only had it for a few months.

One day, when she was getting off the highway, she noticed that there was smoke coming out of the hood. She pulled off the ramp & got out right away. The engine was fried.

“I don’t like Jaguar,” She declared. “I have no idea what all of those lights are for,” she added.

She was lucky that it was only a car & that he was rich.

Just like an expensive sports car, your body is a machine that requires maintenance to run at its best. You can replace a car, but you can’t replace your body. What warning signals are you unknowingly ignoring?

One simple way to care for your car is to make sure that the tires are inflated; that way, they last longer & you get better gas mileage.

One simple thing you can do for yourself is to not carry any stress. You can manage your stress & reduce tension with this simple exercise at the end of each day.

If you are not familiar with tapping, start with these two videos:

1. Introduction to Tapping

2. The Technique of Tapping

It will help you have less aches & pains, sleep better & enjoy life more.

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Dr. Dan ZhouWhat’s Missing in Your Self-Care Routine?

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