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Do you find yourself tired a lot?
Crashing at the end of day?
Get my 7 tips to increase your energy.

Get my 7 tips for more energy!

Reclaim your life from chronic stress, fatigue & insomnia!

Do you struggle with…

  • Persistent pain
  • Low energy
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sleeping too much
  • Feeling stressed & frazzled
  • Symptoms not improving…?

Imagine if you could…

Relieve Your Pain
Improve your health

Increase Your Energy
Strengthen your immune system

Feel Calm
Regain control of your health

Sleep Soundly
Wake up with energy

Feel Good Again
Build up your resilience

Reclaim your vitality
Reduce your stress

Radiant Health & Wellbeing

Hi, I’m Dan Zhou.

I’ve met many people who’ve gone from one specialist after another without seeing changes in their symptoms.

I designed Radiant Health as a step-by-step system to help you relieve pain, increase energy and feel better so you can get back on your feet and function at full capacity without surgery or pills.

You can get started with a FREE Health Breakthrough session.

Yes, I want a health breakthrough!

What my clients are saying
Quotation Mark “I had a problem with low energy following cancer surgery in 2013 and had to take a nap around 5 pm every afternoon. I went to Dan for 6 sessions. After the last one my energy level was back to normal and has remained normal.

“The cancer surgery also left me with fragmented sleep, waking up at night to urinate too often. Dan treated me for that in 2016 and as a result I sleep much better, waking up less often. ” — Bernard A, Attorney (retired)

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