How to Calm Your Frustration and Irritability

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I was talking to a good friend and colleague of mine yesterday. She’s this lovely, level, grounded person. She’s the one I go to when I need a sounding board.

Except that yesterday, she said she was really off. She was quite frustrated by simple things: too many items on her to-do list, not enough time in the day to get them done, etc.

At the end of our conversation, she asked me if the weather has anything to do with her mood.

I said yes.

She’s not alone. I’ve run into several friends who are feeling more frustrated and irritable lately. It has a lot to do with the spring season.

A few of weeks ago, I shared a blog post with you about why Spring can bring issues with fatigue, poor sleep, and irritability. Spring brings a surge of energy to the liver and gallbladder meridians. These two meridians, when in balance, bring kindness and forgiveness to the surface. When out of balance, they bring out anger and frustration.

To calm your frustration and irritability, you need to bring these two meridians back into balance. Here’s a simple exercise you can do to balance your liver meridian, right at your desk, in front of a computer, or in front of your TV.

Let me know how this helps you. Leave me a comment below. See you next time!

Transcript of the video:

“Hi, Dan Zhou here. Today, I’d like to share with you a simple exercise to calm frustration and irritation. 

According to Chinese Medicine, your liver and gallbladder meridians belong to the wood element. Wood belongs to the spring season. Everything grows in the wild. When your liver gets a nice boost of energy from the spring season, your liver meridian is more prone to get out of balance. 

When your liver meridian is balanced, you come from a place of kindness and forgiveness. When your liver meridian is out of balance, you get frustrated and irritated more easily. 

That’s why I’ve seen friends, normally lovely, nice people, get frustrated in the spring season. 

The exercise I’m going to show you can be done anywhere, especially in front of your computer at your desk, or in front of TV. 

Interlace your fingers and put your hands behind the back of your head. Open your chest wide, so your elbows are parallel to your shoulders. 

Now, turn slowly to the left. When you turn, move your eyes too. At the end of the turn, direct your eyes to look at the back of your head. Hold your breath there for a little bit. 

Now, turn back to the center, and all the way to the right, moving your eyes from left to right. 

Your elbows are completely open. 

When you get to the end of the right side, hold your breath and look at the back of your head. 

Your eyes are moving the whole time while you’re turning. 

One more time. 

Now, you can continue doing this three more times. Left, right, and again. 

I’m going to explain why this works. 

First, your liver meridian goes to your eyes. It governs your eyes. When you move your eyes from left to right and right to left, you are helping your liver meridian. 

Second, the liver is the largest internal organ. It sits under the right rib cage. When you twist and turn, you massage the liver organ, which in turn helps the liver meridian. 

Third, when you open up your elbows, you are opening up the armpits completely. That helps the liver meridian too. 

Now, you know why this exercise works and how to do it. I hope you do it every day. It goes a long way towards improving your health. 

Again, remember that your liver is the largest organ in your body. When you help your liver meridian, you help your liver function better.”

Dan Zhou, Ph.D.How to Calm Your Frustration and Irritability
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3 Tips for a Smooth Thanksgiving Meal

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Does all the preparation make you physically tired and you’d love to have more energy?
Are you concerned about digesting all that food in your stomach?
Lastly, do people’s bad manner irritates you?  Or do they simply drain you?

Here are 3 tips to make your Thanksgiving meal go more smoothly.

Share with me what helps your the most: tip for worry, for digestion, for energy, or for irritation?

May you be abundantly blessed with peace, love and joy!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Dan Zhou3 Tips for a Smooth Thanksgiving Meal
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Post Irma: how to put your life back together

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I made this Facebook live video the week after Irma left to help you put your life back together.

Hurricane Irma has moved on.  She has certainly left her mark.

For some of us, it’s minor inconveniences.

For others, she caused major damage that will take a while to get over with.

Either way, you need to put yourself back together.  Watch the video to see how.


Share with me what you do to put yourself back together after an event like this.

Dr. Dan ZhouPost Irma: how to put your life back together
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Preparing for Hurricane Irma: How to Calm the Panic


As Hurricane Irma gets closer, we are freaking out.

Many of us still have a lot to do, me included & we’re running out of time.

Here’s a simple exercise to calm the panic so you are more helpful to your family & friends.

Share this video if you know someone who lives in Florida & sign up for my newsletter to get updates.


Dr. Dan ZhouPreparing for Hurricane Irma: How to Calm the Panic
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Preparing for Hurricane Irma: How to cope with stress and overwhelm

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Hurricane Irma is right around the corner.

The stores are out of water & the gas lines are long. There’s still a lot to do. The stress & overwhelm is in the air.

Here is an energy exercise to help you cope with the stress & overwhelm. This way you can be more clear headed in your preparation & be helpful to your family & friends.


Dr. Dan ZhouPreparing for Hurricane Irma: How to cope with stress and overwhelm
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What to do when you are nervous


Do you ever get nervous? Especially when you are about to do something important?

I was making a Facebook Live video & right before I went live, I got nervous. Watch what I did to turn it around.

Share with me – what makes you nervous?


Dr. Dan ZhouWhat to do when you are nervous
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Why your eyes need extra care now more than ever

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We live in a modern world that’s complicated & harder on our eyes than any other time in history.

A few generations ago, rarely anyone stared at screens. There were no personal computers. Even 20 years ago, the majority of us didn’t look at screens that much.

That was before the invention of smartphones. Millions of years of evolution produced our eyes, which are highly complex & amazingly intricate. Now, they aren’t able to meet the demands of today’s devices.

While out in nature, our eyes can look far, as far as the sky. They can zoom in & out, and look at a prick on your fingertip.

We look around from object to object, rarely staying focused on one image for long. Try staring at a leaf & see how long you can focus on it.

Our eyes have not evolved to stare at fine print on a screen, especially for long periods of time. This particular demand has been thrust upon them; they simply haven’t had much time to adapt.

As a result, we get eyestrain, which can lead to headaches, back pain & eye disease.

Most of us don’t realize that our eyes get strained, nor do we associate back pain, neck pain, or headaches with spending too much time looking at screens.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to reduce the damage of a modern, device-based life on your eyes. I’ve got 3 simple exercises for you to relieve the eyestrain.


Share with me how you plan to make this a permanent tool in your toolbox!

Dr. Dan ZhouWhy your eyes need extra care now more than ever
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